A customer brought us his 1971 240Z to restore and this fun project has begun...

When we received the car, it had been in storage for many years. The right rear brake drum was frozen and had to be removed. So, we made the decision to go through the entire brake system and bring it back to its original working condition.

Complete replacement of the front brakes including calipers, rotors, pads and hoses:

Datsun 240Z Brake and Strut Assembly


Complete replacement of the rear brakes including drums, shoes, hardware, wheel cylinders and brake tube bridges:

Datsun 240Z Brake Drum installed


The original brake lines were still full of contaminated brake fluid so we removed the brake fluid switch and proportioning valve for a good cleaning and rebuild, and flushed out the brake lines.

Once we got everything cleaned up, we ran new fluid through the system with a pressure bleeder, to get the air out of the system.  Luckily, the brake master cylinder, check valve and brake booster checked out as working properly, so we did not have to replace these parts.

Now that the brake system has gone through, it's on to the next part of the project!