Many of these Datsun Z cars have been with their owners since new.  Some owners had a Z car once years ago and couldn't shake the feeling, so they found themselves buying another one. And even more owners are finding their way into their Z car for the first time after seeing them from afar for years and loving their style.  Each time we see one of these cars, it’s like seeing a “blast from the past”, and experiencing all the nostalgia and funny stories that accrued over the years.  While it has only been a few months since the Silver 240Z left the shop, we recently had the opportunity to revisit our old friend, take a few moments to reflect on all that was done and go for a drive on the edge of town.

  Silver 1971 Datsun 240Z Restored

Now this visit wasn't all just for fun.  We did have some business to tend to while the 240z was back in the shop.  We fitted one of our new 70-72 7" Brake Booster and Master Cylinder sets into the car on this visit.  This part was in prototype and manufacturing while the silver car was in for its restoration and wasn't yet available.  Once installed and bled, the car has a very solid pedal feel and all new components from the clevis pin through to the existing proportioning valve.  That translates to a new Brake Master Cylinder, Power Booster, Hard Bent Lines, and Clevis and Pin.  A truly inclusive setup.

Datsun 240Z Brake Booster installed  

Datsun 240Z Brake Master Cylinder Reservoirs installed

Out on the road this thing is a blast.  We took a few minutes away from the desk to just enjoy the sounds of the inline 6 and the sights of the desert.  If a film was being made, we could easily have been the cheesy background actors in a cross country driving scene.  Open winding road, vintage car in a sea of minivans pointed toward the Grand Canyon.  This car just makes for good times and fun mental imagery. 

 Restored 1971 Datsun 240Z Silver

Enjoy the photos and give us a call if you have any questions about our new Brake Booster setup for your early 240Z.