The project continues...and now we are looking at all of the major components!

When we received this 1971 Datsun 240Z, it had not run in quite some time. So the condition of many of the major components was unknown, outside of what the owner had recalled from many years ago. 

Engine: In all of our restoration projects, we perform a Leakdown test on the motor. This is a quick test that gives us a good idea of the engine's current health. In this 240Z's case, the engine tested well across all cylinders so a rebuild was not required. We cleaned it up and it is ready for future install.

1971 Datsun 240Z Restoration Rebuilt Engine

Transmission: This early 1971 has its original "A box" type 4 speed transmission. Since the car was not in driveable condition, we decided to consult the owner's input on the component. He advised us that he had not had any prior issues with the transmission before the restoration, so it will be cleaned up and reinstalled. 

Clutch Assembly: After splitting the transmission from the engine, we noticed excessive wear on the clutch disk. We also performed a run-out test on the flywheel, as well as inspected the ring gear and flywheel for heat checking and worn or chipped ring gear teeth. The flywheel inspected as acceptable to reinstall with a new clutch kit. The hydraulics (Clutch Master Cylinder, Slave Cylinder and hose) were also found to be very old and corroded, so they were replaced.

Common Clutch issues on Datsun Z Cars

Driveline & Halfshafts: These parts were recently replaced and in good working order so they will be left as-is. 

Fuel System: When we received the car, the gas tank was removed and cleaned, but the vent lines were original and need replacing. The condition of the mechanical fuel pump is currently unknown and will be diagnosed as necessary when the car is running again. As for the Carburetors, they were original to the car and while they were rebuild at one time, they were left exposed without an air box to protect them from the elements. So we will do a basic breakdown and rebuild to fix this.Datsun 240Z Carburetors before refinish

Dashboard: The customer alerted us of the condition of the dashboard from the beginning, and the presence of the cracks that commonly occur in most old Z's. He requested that the old dash be removed and completely refinished to look like new. This option is expensive and takes several weeks, but it is really the only option if you want your dash to look like it did from the factory. An economical option to cover an old dash's cracks is a Dash cap, which is a hard plastic cover, but even the most perfect installation will show edges when installed. Because of this, our customer elected to refinish - and the results are beautiful!

Datsun 240Z Dashboard refinishing before and after

So that's a highlight of many of the major components. Check in next time when we will explore the body for rust and necessary repairs!