Progress, Progress, Progress.  By loose definition, progress is the act of moving forward.  The 1973 Datsun 240Z restoration project is having it's powertrain sorted and reinstalled so it will make progress under it's own power again.

When we received this car, it had sat for extensive time after suffering some internal mechanical wounding.  At check in inspection, we performed a leak down test and determined to have excessive leakage in all 6 cylinders.  This unfortunate news made our directive very clear.  The L24 engine was destined for a rebuild.  Utilizing an Engine Rebuild Master Kit for it's application, life was restored to the rotating assembly.  Installing, plumbing, and readying it for first crank will require a handful more parts.  We will break these down by section.

 1973 Datsun 240Z Leak Down Testing

Fuel:  With the fuel supply pipe now mounted in position, we affixed a small section of Fuel Supply Hose to lead into the Fuel Filter.  Another section of hose was placed leading onward to the Mechanical Fuel Pump and again to the Carburetor supply rail.  The Weber Carburetors equipped on this vehicle replaced the originally equipped flat top SU units due to the flat tops units being finicky and frustrating to work with.  This conversion was done by the owner prior to arrival.  Because the vehicle had sat for an extended period of time, the carbs were refreshed with Carburetor Rebuild Kits and cleaned prior to reinstall to ensure proper operation.  For colder mornings, the choke has been readied and the Choke Cable restored for smooth operation. 

1973 Datsun 240Z Fuel System  1973 Datsun 240Z Fuel Filter

Cooling: Keeping the temperature under control is now a new Thermostat and all the associated fixings such as Thermostat Housing Gaskets and the like.  A full helping of the associated Heater Hoses and new Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses are installed.  This car will look and stay cool.

   1973 Datsun 240Z Spark Plug Wires Installed

Electrical and Tune-up: To make fire you need to have a spark.  The 240Z received a new Tune Up Kit including Distributor Cap, Rotor, Points, Condenser, Spark Plugs, and Spark Plug Wires.  Keeping the wires in place from falling into an undesirable locale are new Spark Plug Wire Clips. 


Dial it all in and get the idle and base timing set; we are almost road ready.  Now it’s time to just finish putting the rest of the car together!