It's time to break out the bug spray!  In the middle of winter, this isn't normally something that immediately comes to mind.  But now that we have the 1973 Datsun 240Z reassembled, it is time to spend a little bit of sweat and effort working through and killing all the bugs.

1973 Datsun 240Z Restoration almost complete 

When we receive a car for Restorative services that was not operational at check-in, it is typical to find a few things that need attention during the debugging process.  Overall, this 240Z was in reasonable working condition but did have a few pesky challenges that raised their heads once everything was reinstalled. 


The first step to our debugging is to perform an alignment.  We were not going to be doing any other inspections or checks until we had a car we could predict where it would steer.  The 240Z is a fairly simple beast in stock form and only has adjustment for front toe-in from the factory.  This car was in need of this front toe-in adjustment from having the suspension removed and reinstalled.  A few quick turns of the Tie Rod Ends had this machine pointed straight ahead.  The rear was in proper orientation and did not need focus or assistance.  If you have a car that does require a little extra adjustment -  we have various specialty arms or bushings to get the adjustability you desire.  

 Datsun Z Tie Rod Ends 1973 Datsun 240Z butterscotch interior

Once on the road, it became apparent that the “assumed to be healthy and sound” transmission was really only half of that.  By that we mean that the transmission made some sounds, and not good ones.  Taking the transmission out and utilizing a Transmission Rebuild Kit, we restored health to the gearbox.  Shifting is smooth now thanks to the new synchros and there is no longer the progressive whine of a jet engine on acceleration.  Debugging is well underway!

 Datsun Z Car Transmission

Now that we point straight and no longer make funny sounds, we need to make sure our buttons and widgets work properly.  Assessing these is a simple task.  We drove the car around, doing the engine break-in miles and just kept notes of anything that seemed amiss.  Two items came up:  a wonky fuel level gauge and an intermittently misbehaving turn signal.  These are both fairly easy fixes.  The Fuel Gauge and Fuel Sender were given a thorough inspection, tweaking and cleaning.  The Turn Signal Switch received similar rebuild treatment, and once both were reinstalled, we were back in business and all systems were set for delivery.

 Datsun Z Car Fuel Gauge

Continued operation and testing has yielded a great car that is as fun to drive as it was back in 1973. This car has been incredible to unwind the clock with as it was a true original car.  Watch for the next installment as we say our final farewell to this beloved 1973 Datsun 240Z, and hello to our next project, all at the same time.

Datsun 240Z Green rear shot

----Oh, and no Deep Woods Off was used in the restoration of this vehicle