Our grey Turbo project is coming along nicely. Body work is done and a fresh coat of paint and clear have been polished to mirror finish. The original turbo wheels were refinished to match the paint quality.

1983 280ZX Turbo Painted

Nissan 280ZX Turbo Wheels

You may or may not remember one of our prior ZX projects that has the same paint scheme, but this car is a bit different:  It's turbocharged, it has the turbo wheels and an analog gauge cluster and a turbo automatic transmission. And the original silver leather seat upholstery was maintained.

We reinstalled the detailed engine along with all the replated engine compartment hardware, and routed the wiring and the many vacuum lines. A new R-134 AC system was installed. The entire fuel system was rebuilt-- refinished fuel tank and sending unit, new turbo, turbo injectors, etc.  We were ready to start the engine.

1983 Nissan 280ZX Turbo Plated Engine

1983 Nissan 280ZX undercarriage

1983 280ZX Turbo Exhaust

One of the biggest hurdles with this car was that it had been parked many years back for an undiagnosed drivability issue. The only info we had to work with was a possible distributor concern.  The Turbo cars have a completely different computer system than the non-turbo models that is a bit more complex than its non-turbo brother. There are also a few additional components that the non-turbo does not have.

When it was time to start the sleepy car. One turn of the key and the main ignition fuse popped and smoked. So we replaced the fuse and began this repair. After we tracked down the wiring issue, we attempted to start the car again. This time it turned over but still wouldn't start. We tracked another wiring issue to the fuel pump relay and repaired this. We tried again-- this time it fired and idled but with a heavy stumble. Now we were able to look at the distributor. The internal control module was replaced and the we started the car again. No change.... Time to go back to the basics and verify every component. All component tests came back with good results until we got to the VCM components. Every component in this group failed testing. Replacement parts for the VCM are no longer available from Nissan so we disconnected the VCM system from the engine and plugged hoses. This time the car came to life. Whew!

We are almost done with this beauty, and will fill you in on the interior and the final results soon!