And now for something completely different! While we enjoy our Datsun & Nissan Z cars for their sportiness and sleek style, we also enjoy them for the nostalgia that they bring. Here at Z Car Source, we work on a multitude of projects that vary incredibly. If you dig around our site, you will see bits and pieces in the background, as well as some pictures, of a few projects that have made passive appearances. Vehicles such as WWII Jeeps and Mustangs have found a temporary home in our shop while getting a much needed facelift. But now, rather than a passive appearance, we are going to give you a little more than a quick glimpse of a different kind of project that is currently receiving our attention: Grandpa's 1958 Ford F-100 Pickup.

We lovingly refer to this project as Grandpa's truck because it is the type of pickup you think back and remember going to the hardware store with him in. It also was owned by the grandfather of it's current owner. Our client brought it to us to bring it back to it's old glory so he could have the same memories with his family as he did growing up. Although there will be a bit of a twist to this reincarnation - this F-100 will be receiving a fair bit of modernization in the process of it's resurrection.

Start of Ford F100 Restoration

Grandpa’s Truck arrived to us partially disassembled. Once in our care, we put the truck in the middle of the shop and spent quite a bit of time talking with our customer about what his vision was, what ideas we had and how to best approach it. The F100 is becoming a popular platform for the resto-mod crowd and there is a great reason why - the late model Ford Crown Victoria almost lays right under the frame. After several conversations with our client, our end-goal was clear: Build this vintage pickup with enough power to be fun, a modern suspension & steering for comfort and easy handling, an upgraded braking system for better performance and safety, all while maintaining the original style and appearance of a 1958 truck. We have a plan!

Ford F100 Initial Body Work

With some custom fabrication, a good amount of measuring, and some time, we have fitted the Front Suspension Crossmember beneath the nose. Very quickly we have gone from a Straight Axle, Gear Steering, Leaf Springs, and Drum Brakes to much more modern amenities.


In the rear of the truck, we have given it the same treatment and have test-fitted for mock up the Rear Axle Assembly. Disc Brakes have taken the place of drum units and a much fresher Differential unit replaces the 60 year-old Diff.

Once a new Powertrain is installed into the truck, the power will be applied to the pavement via 255 series tires in the rear wrapped around 17" Smoothie Wheels with Mooneye Center Caps. The steered wheels are wearing a narrower contact patch of 235 for the sake of easier turn in on a larger vehicle. Simple vintage elegance!

We have a long way to go on this project, and as we move along, we will keep you updated on its progress by dropping a few notes here and there. While this isn't a revered Z car, we love the challenge of variety and customization. Creating a vehicle that fits our customer’s dreams is a fantastic experience. We have found that these types of projects reveal new sources and ideas on how to make ours and your Datsun Z Car projects even better.