You know those days where you've been on your feet, getting stuff done, making all your stops?  Have you ever felt just a bit tired after doing that nonstop for weeks on end?  Well, sometimes your Z car can feel the same way.  Easiest way to remedy this is to stop for a refreshment.  In the case of your Datsun Z Car L Series engine, refreshment comes in the shape of a tune-up.

Datsun Z Car Air Box

We offer a great many parts for these cars and some of our best sellers are always going to be the simple things that need to be used to keep your Z Car running in top condition.  Tune-ups are commonplace for restoring some basic health to a car or for determining if your new barn find is going to breathe fire and make the trip home under it's own power or if a trailer is necessary.  Straight forward maintenance that can help a car feel fresh again, and that can be done without a lift, is always a winning situation.


We will be looking at Tune up parts related to an early Datsun 240Z in this installment.  We offer a full range of components for your fuel injected Datsun Z Car as well, and will be addressing the Bosch fuel system for the 1975-83 Z Cars in a separate post at a later date.  There is a full suite of parts to keep those cars alive and well unrelated to the items listed here.  This is also only a sampling of what is available for these cars.

Datsun Z Car Tune Up Parts 

As we did in our first installment regarding the front end suspension points we would like to show you a few pictures that highlight the common items and where they are mounted.  Now this may be a little 101 for many readers, but it is still very helpful for those among us who got our cars as disassembled chassis and a bunch of boxes.


Let's start at the driver side of the engine bay and work our way across, and look at the common tune up items and their homes.


Mounted in the space between the rear of the headlight and the down turn of the front wheel well is the coil and ballast resistor.

Datsun Z Car Tune Up 

Following the high tension cable from the coil over to the front of the engine will lead us to the distributor.  Typical distributor servicing would require a new Distributor Cap, Rotor, and a set of Points.  If you find that you are having some issue getting the timing dialed in on your early Z car we recommend the Pertronix system.  This will eliminate the need for setting points and timing is much easier.

 Datsun Z Car Ignition

We will then trace the Spark Plug Wires over the top and ultimately terminate at the Spark Plugs.  When you remove your spark plugs, be certain to inspect them as they can provide great indication of how well your engine is running.  Be it lean, rich, or just right, it is very important - especially on early carbureted cars where the front 3 cylinders are ultimately independent of the rear 3.  An engine that runs hot on one end and cool on the other will generate future issues.

 Datsun Z Car Spark Plug Wires

In the front yard of the bank of spark plugs is where the Mechanical Fuel Pump resides.  These are pretty stout units but the diaphragm does break down over time and it is seemingly more cost effective to replace the unit than it is to invest the time rebuilding them.  Mounted off the passenger frame rail is the inline Fuel Filter.  These are a common sense item and we encourage regular replacement to save yourself from needing to clean and rebuild your carburetors frequently.  Simple filters can save you in the long run!

Datsun 240Z Mechanical Fuel Pump Datsun Z Car Fuel Filter

And there it is; a simple read of the common tune up items in the engine bay from left to right.  Drop us a line if you have any questions or need us to arrange a delivery of these parts to you for your beautiful Datsun Z car.