With the popularity of restoring the Datsun Z Car increasing by the day, we find ourselves incredibly busy.  With this increase in volume, we have taken a few weeks off of blogging about our projects.  So, we wanted to take a minute to update you on a few of the current projects that we may have (or may not have) mentioned in the past. 



Lovingly referred to in the past as “Grandpa’s Truck”, the F-100 Pickup Truck has been progressing at a fantastic pace.  Currently, it has all of its running gear in place, and has been plumbed and wired.  A first startup was done a short time ago and we are now sorting through the remainder of the electrics.  More to come on this project in the next few weeks.

Ford F100 Truck Before Resto Custom Engine in Ford F100 Restoration


The Vert

Before Photo of 1977 Datsun 280Z Convertible

This 1977 Datsun 280Z Convertible has been a very unique project.  Fitting a 90's model Skyline powertrain into a vintage Z with a high fit and finish level takes time, patience, and a good bit of special/custom parts.  Our current status for the convertible Z is as follows:

*The suspension and braking system is installed but not dialed in

*Engine is in position and awaiting wiring

*Cooling system is in place, although we need to sort the fans with the electrical

*Turbocharger has arrived from Garrett

*Intercooler is on hand and preparing for mockup/fitting

*Exhaust is to be sorted in the coming days

*Gauges are on hand and being fitted into the original dash to maintain an OEM look

Custom Engine on Datsun 280Z Convertible Custom Brakes on Datsun 280Z Convertible

We have a lot done.  We have a lot to do.  We have a mountain of parts working their way in – and will go into more detail on this fun project very soon.


A pair of challengers arise

Recently a pair of cars were delivered to us - separately.  Each of these cars are survivor time capsules and will be reconditioned as such.  Their respective back-stories are eerily similar to each other and somewhat similar to the 1973 Datsun 240Z we wrapped up last winter.  The 1977 Datsun 280ZCoupe and 1982 Nissan 280ZX Coupe were each driven sparingly and parked when mechanical woes surfaced.  Both were left in somewhat of a cocoon that has preserved them very well.  The 280ZX is a local car from here in Phoenix and was blessed by this hot and dry climate to have survived so well.  The 280Z is a northern vehicle hailing from Minnesota and was meticulously and thoroughly rustproofed at time of purchase.  The metal on this is as good as anyone could ask for coming from the upper Midwest.  William H. Macy would be thrilled that you purchased the Tru-Coat his character in "Fargo" was always touting.

Each vehicle arrived with its own set of specific needs, and its own wish list from its owner, and we will approach and highlight those individual in their future posts.  Let's just say, it is always exciting to see something so well preserved come in for a refresh.

New 280Z Restoration Project New 280ZX Restoration Project


Red Sled

In the midst of all this, and in the background of many of our prior blog installments, is a 1956 Mercedes Benz 190SL Convertible.  This car had been previously restored years ago by the owner, but is now in need of quite a bit of TLC.  We have been progressively working through the metalwork on this retractable roof roadster for some time now.  This is a long term project as the parts often take a fair amount of time to track down and transport to the desert.  More updates to come on this car in the near future.

Unrestored Mercedes 190SL Convertible Mercedes 190SL Front Repairs

So, that’s a snapshot of a few of the projects going on in our shop right now.  Keep an eye out for more details on these, and other projects we are working on, in your inbox soon.  We look forward to sharing their progress with you!