Something a little different - Cruising In Grandpa's Pickup

With each vehicle we restore, we always like to make them “turn heads” when you see them.  Restoring an old farm truck is no different.  The first head turns were a bit abnormal, in this instance, as we found ourselves cruising up and down the street in front of the shop.  As we are going through the learning process on the fuel injection controller installed on this 1958 Ford F-100 Pickup, we find a few glances headed our way.  But, unlike most of our test drives, it was not due to the polish of the chrome and the shine of the new paint job.  In Grandpa’s truck’s case, it may have been the Nascar level of audio from the exhaust system, or that we were driving with no fenders or hood.  Our guess is it was a little bit of both. 

1958 Ford F100 Truck no engine

We posted a short update a few weeks ago indicating we had gotten all of the powertrain in place.  To go into greater review, Gramps is now fitted with a rebuilt rear end that has includes a Limited Slip Differential, a new TCI Transmission, a small block V8, and is controlled by a F.A.S.T. Fuel Injection System.  Quite a different set up than what was found back in 1958!

Ford F100 Truck with Custom Engine Ford F100 Truck Custom Set Up

The ol' 58 was sent to us as a bare chassis, completely devoid of the original wiring.  We did receive a handful of boxes with levers and handles - one such box included the original wiring to the truck.  This harness was laid out and inspected.  It took a few seconds for us to realize that this was done for our personal entertainment as this harness would not be reused.  A new Painless brand wiring harness was fitted to the chassis with service points installed inline to allow for future servicing.  But with this old truck – we had something unusual to think about – What if they need to lift the cab off?  No worries, all wiring that would attach to the frame can be split in a few seconds.  Problem solved.

Ford f100 Custom Harness Ford F100 Custom Wiring

With the harness laid out and loomed to the required terminating points, we can now focus on data and controls inside the truck.

The owner of the truck has requested that the display panel and mechanisms stay as original as possible, as it uses a very 50's chic stamped steel panel to hold the gauges.  We kindly obliged by fitting Autometer antique beige units behind the existing panel and interfacing them to their requisite senders.  New Painless brand wiper and headlight switches were also utilized as the continuity of using a single manufacturer allows for simple install and interface.  A Lokar brand shifter has been fitted and matches well with the original styling of the truck.

Ford F100 Dash and Gauges Ford F100 Shifter

With getting all this done, we can now proudly check a few more boxes off and move toward the next big steps.  Stay with us as we keep on truckin'!!

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