It's been many moons now since we first introduced you to Grandpa’s truck. Our customer’s Grandfather’s 1958 Ford F100 came to us a rolling shell of a farm truck with no engine, transmission or interior to speak of.  We were tasked with making it a modern fun truck to drive, all while keeping with its heritage.

Ford F100 Truck before Restoration

A while ago, we discussed the engine, drive train, fuel management, electrical, suspension, brake and wheel upgrades. The truck was then driven, tweaked and aligned, and then the project took a pause.  After a bit, our customer was ready to move forward on the exterior, so it came time to take it apart and begin on the body work.

This body and paint work was not an average job. The customer's dream was flawless, with the extensive bodywork made pristine and then wrapped in Freightliner Metallic Black paint and clear coat. In other words: there was no room for just great. It had to be exceptional.

But Let's back up a little here.... In order to image the scope of the task, we must give a bit of background.  Grandpa's farm truck spent it's past life as a work truck; outside in the elements in the state of Arizona.  Never repainted, never refinished - just warping and shrinking in the sun.  The bed had dents and collision damage. The cab had rust where the weep holes had been plugged with 60 years of dirt and grime. The fenders dented and rusted.... This all added up to lots of real estate to cover to make the body and lines flow correctly. 

Before any metal replacement was started, the body and frame were soda stripped, and neutralized. The frame was sealed with epoxy primer and painted chassis black. The body panels, doors, cab and bed were individually finished off the frame. 

   1958 Ford Truck Door Bodywork


Without going into details about the extent of body work that was performed, after over 1,000 hours of work in the body and paint, the work is flawless. Every bit of attention to detail has been applied and perfected.  It is nothing short of beautiful.

Ford F100 Truck Cab Painted

Ford F100 Truck Cab Stripped and painted

After all of those man-hours, we then loaded the suspension, brakes, steering, drive train, engine, fuel mgmt and electrical back on to the frame and then loaded the cab, doors and fenders. The last panels to be installed were the hood and bed before doing our final touch up and polish.

Ford F100 Truck Hood Painted

In between, we also built a custom Air Conditioning/Heating system with custom fabbed compressor mounting brackets, condenser and hoses. For the evaporator we were able to use a generic 4 vent combination heating and cooling unit and mounted this under the dash. This allowed us to delete the original ducting and clean up the already limited under dash space. An updated wiper motor and linkage system were installed as well.

Ford F100 Truck Interior Soundproofing

Ford F100 Truck Interior Floor Boards

While we are still working on the final touches and debugging minor issues, we are getting very close to completion. Once this is all finished, we will share the results with you.

Until then, Keep on, keepin' on, and be safe out there.