Over the past few posts, we have walked you though the journey of the 1958 Ford F100 farm truck we have been working on. It's come a long way from the sun baked, shell of a truck that has waited all these years to be rolling again, and we are in the end stages of this truck’s restoration.  So, we took it out for its photo shoot.

1958 Ford F100 Truck Restoration

Restoration of Ford F100 Truck

When you get to the end of a build, especially when the vehicle is built at one time with components that were not originally spec'd for the vehicle, there is a lot of extra diagnostic work that happens on the back end.  It can be challenging for all parties. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel but you are not exactly sure when you are going to arrive there.


Starting this process, we ran into an under-hood engine heat issue, a cooling issue, a fuel delivery issue (even with a FAST fuel injection system), ignition issues, squeaks, rattles, glass installation issues, bumper and hood alignment issues......  All the important things and all the minor things - all the things that make it right.  While it sounds like a lot, really, we always anticipate issues at this stage.  That’s what “De-Bugging” is all about.


So, we switched from an aluminum 3 core radiator with shroud and fan blade to a twin 14" electric puller system with shroud.  We replaced and re-routed engine compartment fuel lines with double insulated fuel hose, insulated the hard fuel lines with heat insulation from engine to fuel tank; installed high-temp spark plug boots and stubby spark plugs to clear the headers. All great solutions to the problems we ran into.

Side of Restored F100 Truck

F100 Ford Truck Front Grille

F100 Ford Truck Dash

Per our last post, the flawless Black paint job was a time consuming process, but the results are fantastic.  And, after the truck was painted, we switched from chrome tailgate chains to a hidden stainless tailgate latch system and support cable.  Each time any work is completed the truck is detailed again.

Restored Ford F100 Truck Bed

F100 Ford Truck Custom Rear Gate Latch

We are still shaking out the minor things, brake lights, and minor electrical issues, but overall, this truck’s journey with us is coming to a close.  We will miss it when it is gone, but it’s owner is ready to start its new chapter...

Back of Ford F100 Truck Restored