While showcasing some of our restoration projects, in the background, you may have noticed a red convertible, specifically, a 1956 Mercedes 190SL.  This particular gem holds a special place in its owner’s heart, as it was restored by their late spouse many years ago.  And while the restoration was a labor of love back then, over time, this once beautiful car has deteriorated and lost its “mojo”.  So they turned to us to bring it back to not just great condition, but showroom condition.  And we are having a ton of fun getting there!

unrestored mercedes 190sl

mercedes logo on car

A first sight, this car looks to be in pretty good condition.  There are a few things that don't quite line up as they should, and some indicators of fiberglass in places where metal stampings may not have been available at the time it was serviced.  But upon further inspection, we came to find many underlying issues, and some challenges in the design that make some repairs extra cumbersome.  So, let’s start by checking out the body…

mercedes 190sl unrestored side

When looking at this Mercedes 190SL, there are many unique characteristics of how these cars were designed and built.  The nose of the Mercedes does not have bolt on headlight buckets, fenders, etc...  Rather, the entire body of the car is seamed and blended together into one continuous piece.  The nose is blended to the fender, the fender to the rocker, and so on.  The only pieces that can be removed via a simple unbolting are the hood, decklid, and doors.  While this does create a beautiful flowing body, it also creates a challenge when it comes to servicing these parts. 

mercedes nose

Our 1956 Convertible’s body did have some previous impact damage, as well as prior rust repair beneath the surface that will need to be remedied - most notable are the front nose cone area, the rear valance, and the trunk floor.  All of these areas had typical rust from years of sitting, or previous repairs that were not showroom quality.  So we set out to replace the nose, fabricate in a new trunk floor, and matching up all of the old body lines to make the repairs seamless. 

mercedes 190sl trunk unrestored

mercedes 190sl front nose repair

As we move forward on this 1956 Mercedes 190SL convertible, we will continue to update our fellow car enthusiasts on our progress.  Whether it is a Datsun, Ford, Jeep or Mercedes, the Classic Car Restoration process is exciting, and we look forward to sharing it with you.