Although this 1973 240Z is silver in color it's a late 90's Nissan Gold Medallion winner along with many other trophies, photo shoots, magazine articles....

Panasport wheel on silver Z

We were tasked with bringing this car back to its glory days. It had not run reliably in over 10 years. The fuel system needed some attention; A new coil over set was installed along with a set of rear disk brakes to match the fronts to balance out the vehicle. We then installed a set of 16" Panasport wheels and new Michelin rubber. The underside of the car and suspension components were repainted and undercoated and the hardware was plated to match the silver theme upstairs.

 A crank shaft triggered ignition system, 6, individual, highly polished, fuel injected, throttle bodies and a ceramic coated header make up the spark, fuel and air side of the equation and are managed by an Electromotive engine management system that is virtually capable of unlimited tuning. All engine compartment wiring is hidden away in polished stainless lines.

The dashboard is in perfect condition, custom seats, carpet and upholstery.  There was an aftermarket tachometer and fuel pressure gauges that were installed long ago and tapped into an already fragile electrical system. We replaced the aftermarket tach with a modified set up that required parts from 3 different Datsun tachometers to make one that reads the digital Electromotive signal while keeping the gauge faces the same throughout the vehicle. The fuel pressure gauge was deleted.  The clock was rebuilt along with the original radio.

Custom Interior of silver Z

The original 73 style center console was retained but with the choke cable slot deleted and blended into the console along with a choke and defrost light switch delete in the fuse box cover.

A new Nardi steering wheel wrapped in black leather with red stitching was installed and an original Nissan 5 speed shift knob with red 5 speed inlay to match the wheel.


First Drive

With the engine stroked to 3.1 liters, a high profile cam and mildly ported head, 6 fully sequential fuel injected throttle bodies, and custom exhaust system the engine we knew we could expect good things. The performance clutch and lightened flywheel, full coil over set and 4 wheel disc brakes balance the engine performance and complete the overall package.

Custom engine for 240Z

Off the line, the 3.70 limited slip rear end helps the car move forward in a positive direction and the Nissan Comp 5 speed keeps the rpm's in a happy place when at higher speeds.

This car is most happy at high rpm's when the engine and fuel management systems can truly shine. This is a great power plant for long drives in the countryside where it can be opened up. However, it is very easy to drive in the city. Idling characteristics are excellent with no bumps or hick-ups as the rpm's quickly climb.

Side shot of silver Z

The coil over suspension, urethane bushings, sway bars, and Michelin rubber keep this machine planted, allowing aggressive slalom tracking with a very neutral feel (for a Z.)

The 4 wheel disk brake package, balanced with proportioning valve, provides the driver with modern confidence to stop without excessive pedal pressure at any speed.

Exterior back shot of silver Z

This is a solid car that loves to be driven with the windows down on long windy roads. I constantly found myself at 75 mph in 45 zones! What a joy.