Z Car Part Cores & Core Returns


Because Z Car part Cores are so important to keeping these parts available in the future, we take our cores very seriously.  Cores allow us to rebuild original parts that are not manufactured any more.  So, we can't say it enough - Please Send Us Your Cores!

What is a Core?  Parts that have a "Core Charge" associated with them are sold on an exchange basis.  This means that a core charge will be assessed until we receive your old part back.  Because many of the parts on Z cars are no longer manufactured new, we offer them rebuilt or reconditioned and need to get your old part back so we can continue to rebuild or recondition for the next customer. 

But not all cores are created equal.  We use the term "Viable Core" to basically say that your core must be in rebuildable or refinishable condition with a reasonable amount of time being put in to rebuild or refinish the part.  A core that is broken or damaged beyond repair doesn't do much good, and may not be accepted as a core return.  Sometimes, a core may be in very bad shape, but with extra time and energy it can be brought back to life, or some of the parts on it could be removed and used to rebuild another core.  In this situation, we may issue a partial core refund.  We look at all cores individually to figure this out.  As with everything used, conditions vary on core returns so feel free to call us if you are questioning your core.

Some parts may be listed as "Direct Exchange".  This term is generally reserved for parts that are in very limited supply, so it is vital that we get your core.  For these parts, we must receive your core before we ship you your part.  Sorry, but there are no exceptions to this rule.  And there is a chance that we may ask you to send us photos of your core before you ship it to us, so we can be sure it is "viable". 

Also, please be aware - Core returns must be received by Z Car Source within 60 days of receiving your order to be refunded.


How Do You Return Your Core?


1. Just box the part back up

2. Include a copy of your original sales order in the box

3. Ship it back to us. It's that easy!


Core Returns can be shipped to:

Z Car Source, Attn:  Returns 

952 W Melinda Lane, #D 

Phoenix, AZ 85027 


Please pack all Core returns well and insure the package for the full Core Charge price plus your shipping.  Z Car Source can't be responsible for any loss or damage that happens during shipping so be sure to insure your package, and ship it to us in a trackable manner.  Once we get it back, we will process the refund within 2 weeks of when we receive it.

How do you get your money back?  In the same way that you paid.  If you paid with a Credit card, your card will be credited within 2 weeks of us receiving your return.  If you paid with a check, your check will be mailed to you within 2 weeks also. 

Want to avoid the core charge altogether?  Send in your core ahead of time and we will waive the core charge.  Select that option when placing your order to let us know to hold the order until the core is received. 

Questions on your Core return?  Just call or email us and we'll get your questions answered.