Z Car Source Customer Testimonials

After buying their Z Car parts from Z Car Source, see what our customers had to say.


Z Car Source Comments from our Customer Survey:


"Love the parts and the service. Couldn't do the resto on my '73 240 without you guys. Thanks! " 

"YOU GUYS ROCK! Fastest service I've ever seen!!! Bravo!!!" 

"Just wanted to say thanks and great customer service!"


 "I'm sure glad I found you guys! With your help in parts, wheels, trim, etc... my Z is staying as beautiful as the day I bought it. I'm sure I will be back as I strive to keep her in good running condition. Thank you guys, for being there and for having the parts that we need to keep your beautiful Z's on the road..." 


"I have been very pleased with my purchases from Z Car Source. Over the phone the guys are great, and seem enthusiastic. NEVER lose that, as it makes the whole buying experience more enjoyable." 


"Keep it up!  Great products at a reasonable price."


"My experiences have been good.  I am a computer guy and navigation was good!"


"I would not hesitate to do business with your company again as you have a very very excellent inventory of Datsun / Nissan Z parts. Thank you for taking care of the Datsun / Nissan Z folks with your excellent help & service." 


"The salesman that I used was extremely helpful to the extent of going to the warehouse himself and filling the order just to get it out on time to me.  We really appreciate the help!!" 


"I was so happy to find your store.  I just purchased a 79 280ZX and I will be needing lots of parts." 


"The service is excellent and I will buy from Z Car Source in the Future. Thanks!" 


"Great customer service. Great inventory of parts. Overall very pleased with transactions with Z Car Source." 


"I was very pleased with the knowledgeable staff and the helpful information that they provided me."


"I'll be back for more parts.  You're the only place I've found that has everything I need for my Z car."


"(The salesperson) was outstanding, not only in customer service, but in his knowledge and guidance regarding specialized 280ZX parts.  He is meticulous in requesting photos if needed, just to make sure that we are talking about the same part.  His is very knowledgeable and, after working with him on several critical purchases, trust his advice.  I appreciate all his help and efforts."


"This was my first time purchasing from Z Car Source, the two men I spoke with, both of them were very professional, polite and courteous... Servicing customers is important.  If Z Car Source operates like this on a daily basis, you'll be in business for a long time!! Thank you!"


"An after order phone call from Z Car Source to insure that I had ordered the correct part was very impressive." 


"This was my first time but I will be in contact with you very often to buy the best parts for my 280Z.  Thank you!"


"The salesperson I spoke with prior to my purchase was not only very cordial, but also willing to help someone with very little parts knowledge."


"(My salesperson) is an excellent and knowledgeable parts representative and I sincerely appreciate his expertise and knowledge when ordering specialized parts for my 280ZX.  I appreciate his efforts as well as his excellent customer support." 


"The salespeople are very courteous and helpful.  The instilled a sense of confidence in the parts I ordered and seemed personally committed that my order would be filled properly." 


"I got the fuel tube today.  Very Pleased with the condition and for a 30+ year old part.  You can't go wrong.  It's great to do business with ya.  Thanks!"


"I ordered a set of refurbished iron cross wheels, caps and lug nuts.  I received them last Tuesday and had them mounted to my new Yokahoma tires.  They look awesome!  Gave the old car a new look...from the initial order, great customer service and expectation of delivery, etc., I will order from Z Car Source again.  Thanks!"


"I am very pleased with the knowledgeable staff and the helpful information that you provided for me." 


"After ordering a steering wheel online, I called and spoke to (a member of the sales staff).  He walked me through step by step every decision I was making.  He spent a half hour making sure that I have everything I needed to retro fit an earlier model steering wheel to my 78 z.  He was extremely helpful, going so far as to get me multiple shipping quotes in order to get it tome in time for the fourth of July.  I've ordered things from others in the past, but I was so pleased with the service I got from him that I'll only use you guys from now on.  I'll make sure to spread the word too.  Thanks."


"Great customer service.  Great inventory of parts.  Overall very pleased with transactions with Z Car Source."


"You all have been great.  I've purchased most of my parts to restore my Z from you because you've been pleasant to talk to, very knowledgeable and most of the time had the part I needed.  Thanks for all your help!"


"I really like the professional phone help."



 Z Car Source Customer Comments via Email:



"Just wanted to thank you guys for doing such a great job on those 6 spoke wheels! 
They look awesome and  I can't wait till spring! I will forward a picture when I get the tires put on. 

Thanks again for the service and the great restoration on those wheels! 


R. R, Vermont"



"I wanted to take a minute to thank you folks at Z Car Source for the excellent service and helpful advice you have provided me over the last several years. Restoring a classic car is a fun project but can also be very stressful. Your professional advice, strong product line and emphasis on quality service has made my experience much more enjoyable.

P. R" 



Dear Z Car Source,

In my case, I really need great service and I get it! It is my pleasure to write to you about my appreciation of your extremely efficient and personalized attention to my Z car needs. I have tried many other suppliers, but none have given more or better service than Z Car Source. (Your staff's) prompt, complete, and knowledgeable responses to my e-mail inquiries awed me from number one, and they only improve as we go along. Not only that, but more than discussing parts, I receive "how to" suggestions, advice, options, alternative ways to solve problems, and an availability of parts not even approached by most other Z car suppliers. Available are NEW, NOS, REBUILT, USED, and SALVAGED-options for everyone!!. 
AND --if Z Car Source doesn't have what I need on site, they can often get it for me, even from Japan; if it reasonably can be found, they will find it. Not just order an taker, they will do everything possible to get my baby the way I want it. What more is there for any customer? You have my gratitude and may you enjoy eternal success, Z Car Source!

(280 Z 2+2 5 Sp original owner) 



"Here is a recent picture of my 1985 Z car. It is in perfect shape, with powder blue velour interior. And the climate control module you sold me works great! Thanks for everything! P. Q."


"Here is a shot from a z show I went to (won 1st place in my class!).

Thanks! P."


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