Z Car Source - The Story


Z Car Source's History

Before we begin with the Z Car Source story, our web company wouldn’t be happy if we didn’t mention a few things about Datsun Z Car Parts and Nissan Z Car Parts.  We need to say that we specialize in 1970-1983 Datsun & Nissan Z Cars, including the Datsun 240Z, Datsun 260Z, Datsun 280Z, Datsun 280ZX and Nissan 280ZX.  We also should say once more that we carry 240Z parts, 260Z parts, 280Z parts and 280ZX parts, as well as Datsun parts and Nissan parts. Whew…That’s a mouthful!  And on with the story…


Z Car Source - The Story

The story of Z Car Source starts with one thing – a car.  A car that was fun, and fast, and loved by many.

Back in 1993, Z Car Source was known as Z Cars of Arizona.  It started with a few Datsun Z cars and over a few years, grew to over 200 Z cars out in the middle of the desert.  Back then, it was all about the used parts, mostly for a 240Z or 280Z, with the occasional 260Z and 280ZX thrown in.  Parts were pulled from the Z cars as they were sold, and every piece was saved and cherished.  Hey, you never knew when you would need that bolt or screw or clamp!

Things started to change in 2001 when Z Cars of Arizona became Z Car Source.  Z Car Source launched its first website, more cars were acquired, and things were going smoothly.  Until…6 months after the new owners took over, they learned that condos were going to be built on the site where the cars stood.  Ugh!  So after much debate, discussion and planning, they picked up over an acre of cars and moved them to a new location.  In the process, they began to disassemble many of the cars, saving every viable piece (like before, you never know when you will need that nut or washer or cap!).  At the same time, the rebuilding process started.  Old parts were refinished and rebuilt, breathing new life into obsolete parts.  New parts were acquired through many different channels, both New Old Stock (NOS) and new Nissan parts.  Aftermarket parts were added to the product line, because when you find a great quality part at a reasonable price you want to share it with your friends!  And most exciting, our web store was introduced, allowing our customers the ability to shop with us 24/7.  Ahh, technology!

In 2007, another big change occurred (and no, not the stock market debacle– although that did happen at the same time).  Z Car Source relocated to a different warehouse location in North Phoenix.  Moving to this new location allowed us the room to house thousands of Datsun & Nissan Z Car products under one, temperature-controlled roof (which in the desert is very important in July and August).  The warehouse gave us the opportunity to expand our rebuilding, manufacturing, and restoration services, as well as our product lines and best of all, our staff.  All of this has translated into to being more efficient, consistent and competitive, but most of all, serving our customers better. 

And then, in 2021, the biggest change occurred.  Z Car Source and our restoration shop, ZCS Auto Restoration, moved into our new amazing facility, known now as ZCS Auto Group.  With more than double the square footage of our old warehouse, we are now able to not just support the Z Car community with their parts needs, but offer expanded Restoration services and exciting new projects for our Z Car customers and all other car lovers. All because we love cars...

But the story doesn’t end there.  We here at Z Car Source like to think of all of this as the beginning.  The future is exciting and we can’t wait to be a part of it.  So rather than saying “The end”, we'll say “To be continued…”


Here’s an interesting fact:  Many of our staff drove Datsun Z cars in their youth.  Check out a few photos we found of “Back in the day”…

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