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When it comes to Datsun & Nissan Z Car Restoration, Z Car Source is the company to trust.  Our Restoration Shop, ZCS Auto Restoration, combines our extensive history with Datsun & Nissan Z cars parts and our years of Classic Car Restoration experience.  Whether your Z Car need body work & paint, a general refresh, performance upgrades or a ground up Car Restoration, ZCS Auto Restoration offers a complete range of services to turn your Z car into the car of your dreams.  

While our Auto Restoration services are not limited to Z Cars, our extensive Z Car specialty has many unique benefits to Z Car owners. Our specific Datsun & Nissan Z Car knowledge lets us build your Z car right the first time. And, because of our huge inventory of Z car parts, we have the parts on hand to keep your project on budget and on time. With our unique ZCS Auto Restoration quoting and assessing system, your project is completely laid out before the work even begins, saving you time and money. And our years of Z Car experience gives you a "peace of mind" that many inexperienced general repair shops can't provide, allowing you to enjoy a smooth "headache-free" Z car restoration.

Some of the Services that we provide are:

*Rust Repair
*Paint & Body Work
*Interior Upgrades
*Engine Builds
*Suspension Builds
*Transmission & Drivetrain builds
*Performance Upgrades
*Restoration of Rare Parts
*Replacement Parts (new or used)
*Interior Part Reconditioning/Repair
*Chrome & Zinc Plating
*Plastic Plating

Our prices are competitive and our work is exceptional. We offer flexible schedules and payment plans, and can work within your budget - large or small. Out of the area? No problem! We can help facilitate pickup and delivery services for your car to be brought to us by a reliable carrier, no matter where you live in US. We know that your car is important to you, and that you want not only experience, but specialized knowledge of your Z Car. That’s why we are here. Z Cars are our business, and our knowledge is unbeatable.

While all of this makes ZCS Auto Restoration unique, it is our car restoration philosophy that truly makes us stand out.  ZCS Auto Restoration was founded on 3 basic principles:  Quality, Craftsmanship & Integrity.  Our goal is to uphold all 3 of these ideals every day, and our work is driven by a passion for Z cars, and the love of the craft.  

Quality is not just in the product we produce, but in the experience of the customer.  For product, quality comes from experience, knowledge and expertise – and ZCS Auto Restoration’s staff has all of that.  Our experts have decades of experience in all aspects of Car Restoration - from Mechanical to Body & Paint and everything in between.  The proof is in the product, and our customers get to enjoy that quality when working with ZCS Auto Restoration.

The Customer’s experience is a priority.  Customer Service at ZCS Auto Restoration is exceptional, and our focus on the customer is unmatched.  We stay in constant communication with our clients, throughout the entire restoration process, so that they are always a part of the journey.  We make it our goal to make sure that our customer enjoys their experience with ZCS Auto Restoration, and they look forward to telling their friends.

Our focus on Craftsmanship comes from a love of what we do.  We are Artisans, and our creativity and attention to detail allow us to create a superior product.  Combining our customer’s ideas with our own designs creates a fantastic outcome.  Whether you are looking for an OEM restoration or a truly custom creation, we do it all and with amazing results.  

But all of the Quality we produce and Craftsmanship that we create are backed by one main thing – Integrity.  ZCS Auto Restoration is a company that began with a passion for Z cars, and a love for bringing them back to their original glory.  We believe in honesty, personal service and bringing back the old-school relationships that business’ used to have with their customers - all to provide a positive memorable experience.  “Win-Win” is our motto – and we strive for a “win-win” collaboration with our customers each and every time. 

Over the years, we have learned that above all, we have to love what we do.  To enjoy going to work every day, being proud of our achievements and do what we love – that’s our mission.  Because life is way too short to not enjoy the ride…

So don’t just trust any shop to know what is best for your Datsun or Nissan Z Car. Go to the shop that knows, and loves, Z Cars – ZCS Auto Restoration.


If you are considering any Restoration services for your Datsun or Nissan Z Car, contact us.  We look forward to discussing your project with you. 

800-373-2532 / 623-581-9227


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And while we do a lot of work with Datsun & Nissan Z cars, check out our “sister” website,

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Interested in working at ZCS Auto Restoration? We are always looking for experienced technicians to join our team! Touch base with us through our Contact Us page for information on how to submit your resume.

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