Engine Rebuilds

Looking for a Rebuilt OEM Engine for your Z car? Or are you craving a bit more performance in your Z? Let Z Car Source help!

Z Car Source offers Rebuilt Original Engines for 1970-86 Datsun & Nissan Z Cars, as well as Custom Engine Rebuild for all Z Cars. And with our extensive experience with everything Z Car makes Z Car Source the place to go for your Custom of OEM Z Engine project.

Our specialty in Z cars has many benefits to Z Car owners. With our specific Z Car knowledge and huge inventory of Z Car parts, we have all the parts on hand to keep your project on time, with a faster turn-around than most engine shops.

With our unique Z Car Rebuilding & Restoration system, your Z's engine project is completely laid out before the work starts, saving you time and money. And our Z Car specialty gives you "peace of mind" that many general Engine Machine shops can't provide, getting you and your Z on the road faster.

We know what it takes to not only rebuild to OEM specs, but to expand on and enhance your Z's performance, if that's what you are looking for. And your performance upgrades don't need to be limited to Engines. Z Car Source can help you design a complete
performance package, from Performance Brakes to Limited Slip Differentials and everything in between. Build your Z Car exactly the way you want it - and turn it into your dream car.



Z Car Engine Rebuild Process (for OEM) Includes:

  • -Engine block is cleaned and magnafluxed for cracks

  • -Cylinder head is cleaned and dye-penetrant inspected for cracks

  • -Block and head surfaces are measured for flatness and corrected as necessary

  • -Crankshaft journals are measured, machined (as required) and polished

  • -Engine block saddles are measured and line honed for straightness

  • -Piston walls measured and honed with cross hatch. Boring as required. 

  • -New Freeze Plugs installed

  • -3 angle valve grind for intake and exhaust valves

  • -Valve guides and seats are replaced as required

  • -Valve springs load tested and replaced as required

  • -Pistons, rings, wrist pins, head bolts and all bearings replaced

  • -Master engine gasket/seal kit included with order

  • -New timing chain assembly (chain, tensioners, gears.) Timing belt is replaced as applicable. Other parts  replaced as required

  • -New Oil Pump

  • -Components are re-measured before installation, installed with pre-assembly lube and torqued to  factory specs

  • -Block finished in correct Nissan Blue

  • -Stock cam and rockers included

  • -Used valve cover installed

  • -Oil pan, water pump, intake/exhaust manifold, fuel injectors, carburetors, turbo charger, torque  converter, flex plate, flywheel and pulley(s) are not included, but are available separately. Please call Z  Car Source to add any or all of these parts to your order

  • -Warranty: 12 months (from delivery time) / 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Call Z Car Source  for additional warranty details.




For more information, pricing and options, Call us today to discuss your Z Car's Engine project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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