Wiring Harness and Electrical Rebuilds for Datsun & Nissan 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX

Does your Datsun or Nissan Z Car's Wiring Harnesses look like this?  Turn to Z Car Source for help!  We take your old worn out wiring harness and make it new again! 


Our Z Car Wiring Harness Rebuild Services are specially tailored to your individual needs.  Each Z car has unique needs when it comes to its wiring system, so we approach each Harness Rebuild job individually.  Once determining what condition your harness is in, we discuss our approach with you, and custom quote your job.  And then the fun starts! 


Wiring Harness Rebuilds include:

  •        *All new wire of appropriate color and gauge
  •        *All new terminal ends (crimped and soldered)
  •        *New connector shells (where available)
  •        *Connections and harness merge points are sealed to protect your rebuilt harness from the elements


And ask us about our Custom Gauge & Switch Rebuilding Services!



Contact us today to discuss your Z’s Wiring Harness Rebuild project - we look forward to rebuilding your Harness!



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