Carpet and Vinyl Color Guide


Z Car Carpet & Vinyl Color Guide


At Z Car Source, we understand that our customers are unique.  Some are looking for Z Car parts that closely match the way the Z rolled off of the factory floor, while others are trying to add their own personal style to their Z.  Either way, we've got you covered. 


Our Z Car Carpet, Vinyl and Trim colors are hand selected for quality and look.  Our original color options closely match the Z color and design, while our custom colors allow you to give your Z "one of a kind" look.  


Please use these color swatches as a guide.  Different computer monitors will alter the colors shown in different ways.  Original Carpet and Vinyl are designed to closely match the color as it was when the vehicle left the factory and may look slightly different in person. 


Z Car Source suggests replacing all cabin carpet at the same time, and all cabin vinyl at the same time.  This will ensure that the colors will match.  While your Z car's existing carpet and vinyl may still look to be in good shape, years of sun fading and dirt will alter the color.  Replacing only part of the cabin carpet or vinyl will most likely result in color matching issues. 


Datsun / Nissan Z Car Carpet:

Original Z Car Colors


Please note: 74-76 Brown does not exactly match original, but is now the same color as 77-78 brown.


70-79 Black Loop & Cut Pile

80-86 Brown

74-79 & 80 10th Anniv. Brown

84-89 Burgandy

79-83 Blue

84-89 Blue

79-83 Red

84-89 Brown


Custom Carpet Colors


Gray/Silver Cut Pile

Mocha Cut Pile

Charcoal Cut Pile

Dark Brown Cut Pile

Salt & Pepper Loop Pile

Red Loop Pile


Original Color Carpet Floor Mats

70-89 Black Cut Pile

79-83 Silver / Gray

79-83 Red

80-83 Brown

84-89 Brown

79-83 Blue

84-89 Burgandy


Datsun / Nissan Z Car Vinyl:


Datsun 240Z Original Diamond Vinyl Colors



Black Diamond Vinyl

Red Diamond Vinyl

White Diamond Vinyl

Blue Diamond Vinyl




Datsun / Nissan Z Car Original Solid Vinyl Colors




Please Note: 70-73 white does not match original exactly. Original white was a bright white, but new replacement is ivory. Also, 74-76 Brown does not exactly match original, but is now the same color as 77-78 brown.


70-89 Black

70-73 Blue

79-83 Gray/Silver

70-73 & 79-83 Red

74-78 Dark Brown

79-83 Blue

70-73 White & 77-78 Off-White

79-83 Brown

84-89 Burgandy



Custom Solid Vinyl Colors








Dark Brown



Datsun 280Z Vinyl Basketweave Colors (only available in black)


Black Basketweave


Datsun / Nissan Z Car Carpet Dash Covers: 

Dash Cover Colors to Match Original Interior


70-89 Black

79-83 Red

79-83 Blue

79-83 Brown


Custom Dash Cover Colors


Dark Gray


Silver Gray





Dark Blue


Datsun / Nissan Z Car Original Color Velour Dash Covers and 280ZX Headliner:


Velour Dash Cover & Headliner Colors to Match Original Interior


70-89 Black Velour

79-83 Blue Velour

79-83 Red Velour

84-89 Burgundy Velour


Velour Dash Cover & 280ZX Headliner Custom Colors



Medium Gray




Dark Brown