Datsun & Nissan Z Car FAQ

Z Car Common Questions

Please note: this information is specific to vehicles produced for the North American market.

Can I search your site by Part Name or Nissan Part Number?

You can search our site using our search bar by inputting the part name, our SKU number or Nissan's part number.  A few things to note:  for part name, sometimes one part is called mutiple things.  While we try to use the most popular name for a part, it is sometimes easier to find a part through our category searches.  Or, if that does not work, feel free to contact our office and we can help you find it.  When searching by our SKU number, you will need to use the entire SKU number - the sytem will not match partial SKU numbers.  If you are trying to search by Nissan part number, do note that it is not uncommon for Nissan to change part numbers over time.  So when you use a Nissan number that has at some point be superceeded, the part number you search for may not come up.  Also, while we do our best to have associated Nissan numbers for most of our parts, with thousands of parts live on our site, not all parts have Nissan numbers associated with them (and most aftermarket parts do not).  Again, if you can't find what you need, or are unsure if it is the right part, contact us.  We are always happy to help you get the part you need.

The part that I am looking at is a ZCS Bundle, ZCS Limited, ZCS Custom or ZCS Value part.  What does that mean?

While all of the parts that we sell are excellent, some are a little extra special!  ZCS Bundle parts are time saving bundles - the price for the bundle is often less than buying the parts individually, saving you money every day!  ZCS Limited are parts that are hard to find, in limited supply or exclusive to Z Car Source.  ZCS Custom are parts that are custom made, custom cut, or built to order.  ZCS Value are at an extra low every day price.  Because of this, all parts with these labels are not eligible for promo code promotions - they are exclusions.

260Z owners: How can I tell if I have an early or late 260Z?

If your car was manufactured through August of 1974, it is considered an early 260Z. If it was manufactured between September and December of 1974, it is considered a late 260Z. Another way that you can tell the difference is that the early 260Z has the skinny chrome bumpers, similar to the 240Z. The late 260Z has the shorter, thicker bumper, with the black rubber ends just like the 1975-76 280Z.

What do you mean by Coupe or 2+2?

Coupe models do not have a backseat. 2+2 models have a backseat. 2+2 models were only made starting in 1974 (240Z’s were only made as coupes).

What years were specific models manufactured?

For US cars, the following models were made in these years (non US cars are different): 240Z – 1969-1973, 260Z – 1974, 280Z – 1975-1978, 280ZX – 1979-1983.

Where can I find the month that my car was manufactured?

The month and year of manufacture is found on the plate inside the door jam on the driver side.

What is a casting number and where can I find it?

Casting numbers are model numbers of parts that are cast right into the part itself. They are commonly found on parts like exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, etc… Generally, they are a 3 digit code.

Which side of the car is “Left” and which is “Right”?

Left refers to the drivers side and right refers to the passenger side on US left-hand drive Z cars.

280ZX owners: How can I tell if I have a Standard model or a GL model?

The easiest way to tell is by the cruise control. While many 280ZX’s were built with cruise control, the GL model will have access to the cruise control on both the dash and on the headlight/wiper/turn signal switch. Standard models only have cruise control on the dash.

280ZX owners: How can I tell if I have Standard Climate Control or Auto Climate Control?

280ZX’s with Auto Climate Control should say “Auto Climate Control” right on the front of the Heater Control Mechanism. Also, cars with Auto Climate Control have a sensor that sits by the windshield on the top of the dashboard, between the clock and the glove box.

When ordering carpet, what is the difference between sectional carpet & sewn-molded carpet?

When the early Z cars were manufactured, they all had sectional carpet. This basically means that the flat carpet was cut to fit the contours of the cabin. To make installation easier, Z Car Source also offers sewn-molded carpet. This means that the flat carpet is cut to fit the contours of the cabin, and then sewn along those contours. This allows for an easier installation on the cars manufactured after 1974. Because of the layout of the cabin carpet, Z Car Source recommends sectional carpet kits for the 240Z's and 260's and sewn-molded kits for anything past 1974.

1977 280Z owners: When ordering carpet, how can I tell if I have an early 1977 or a late 1977?

Look at the rear edge of the rear deck carpet. If the side edges curve in near the taillights, then you have an early 1977. If the side edges come to more of a right angle, then you have a late 1977.

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